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Membership Organisation

CCG International provides non UK residents with the opportunity to participate as international members of CCG. Members include offshore/international private investors and entrepreneurs, family offices, private investment companies and family trusts.

Members receive regular meeting and deal flow opportunities, access to our convention events and collaboration services for dialogue, negotiation and due diligence.

Membership is managed by CCG International in the Channel Islands and administered in Geneva, in partnership with Cambridge Capital Group UK.

The club has a 15 year pedigree and has around 70 private and corporate members. Members’ investment portfolio exceeds £10million in over 50 hi growth companies. Club members makes individual investor decisions but often come together as informal groups. Membership is an application process, usually by way of introduction through existing members.

For membership information please contact us.

For details of the history and background of Cambridge Capital Group, together with investment criteria, please visit our UK website

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